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Since launching in July 2018, we have trawled through hundreds of pieces of feedback on the cut, fit and shape of our underwear. We noted what you liked and what you didn't and in the beginning of 2019, we got to action making sure we kept what you loved and ditched what you didn't

Elastic waistband

Some batches had issues with the waistband detaching and coming loose. Not ideal! Not only that, but for us to be truly size inclusive brand, this was holding us back. The elastic was too rigid and cut in to people of all shapes and sizes

The tag

Next, the tag. We heard this was irritating, so we set about ensuring this new design had care info that was out of the way, but still visible.


Gusset area stitching wasn't always of the quality that we wanted, so this has been updated to have the liner bonded to the underwear, meaning a more light and seamless feel.

Cut and fabric

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We heard nothing but good things about these two, so our underwear continues to feature the cut and fabric that you know and love.