Super Stretch - Underwear

Super stretch = unmatched comfort

We designed our Super Stretch underwear range with your ultimate comfort in mind. Our stretchy panties promise a barely-there feel that no one else on the market can beat. Crafted from the most lightweight fabric available in our collection, this range allows you to feel truly free and unrestricted.

Sweet dreams are made of Super Stretch

At Peach, we understand the importance of a good stretch. That's why we created our Super Stretch range for women who crave freedom of movement. With super-stretchy hemmed edges that eliminate digging and cutting into the skin, these stretchy panties redefine comfort.

Unrivalled versatility for your wardrobe

Our Super Stretch underwear range is more than just comfortable - it's customisable too! Whether you prefer to wear your undies low or high on the hips, you can easily adapt this coveted fabric to your preference and create a personalised fit.

High quality, high comfort

The quality of our Super Stretch underwear is definitely in the details. Made from 78% Nylon and 22% Spandex, our super stretchy panties feel light and soft against your skin. We designed them to offer a seamless transition from underwear to skin, making them the perfect base for all your outfits.

Caring for your peach

We recommend that you wash your new Peach underwear before your first wear, to ensure maximum comfort. Moreover, we recommend cold washing only, to keep your undies looking and feeling good for longer. Similarly, you should avoid tumble drying and dry cleaning. Oh, and don’t forget to wash with alike colours to avoid discolouration!

Join the Peach revolution

Experience our signature blend of comfort, stretch, and style with a brand new pair of Super Stretch Underwear. Whether you are arming yourself for an intense workout session or simply dressing for a relaxed day at home, our stretchy panties promise to deliver unmatched comfort. Try Peach today and join the revolution in women's underwear.

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