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4 Things To Do On A Sunday Night For A Productive Week

by Peach Life |

Often the most dreaded night of the week, here a four things you can do on a Sunday evening to make the week just that little bit easier.

1. Clean/organise your room

Put away clothes that have piled up on the floor, vacuum and sweep, clear any dishes or rubbish away. Nothing makes you feel more organised and kick starts productivity quite like room that's in order. 

2. Write out what you have on for the week

Schedule time in for exercise, catching up with friends, cooking, studying or even reading a book. Once it's written it will make it easier to stick to throughout the week.

3. Choose your outfit for tomorrow

Laying out your outfit for the next day takes one of the first decisions of your day off your plate. Making the week a little more easier to get started.

4. Quick pamper sesh

Paint your nails or give yourself a facial. Because no one ever feels down after a solid pamper sesh.

Doing even just a couple of these things should make Monday's a little less of a drag.

What do you think? Do you do any of these already, or do you have others that you follow religiously? Comment below

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